Cerchiamo biotecnologo biologo-esperto-di-ingegneria-genetica

Position opens January 2, 2017 or in the following months.
Who you are:
a young biotechnologist or biologist, possibly even an MD who wants to develop his/her skills in a lab. Ideally, you hold a full Academic Degree (Laurea specialistica) or even better you are a post-doc. You are looking for a lab where you will be assigned a project and will carry out semi-independent research and gene discovery.  You have experience in genetic engineering, gene cloning, cDNA library construction, and transcriptional control. You are proficient in at least some of the following techniques: (1) Chromatin IP; (2) transfection and infection with retroviral vectors; (3) recombinant DNA; (4) genome-.wide screens; (5) Construction and screening of cDNA expression libraries. Expertise in flow cytometry and cell sorting is viewed favourably but is not essential. You can express your thoughts clearly and concisely in English, and are willing to take part into multidisciplinary projects in a European and international settings.
Who we are:
We are the Italian National Cancer Institute in Rome, Italy, Laboratory of Oncogenomics and Epigenetics. We have a strong background in tumor immunology and pay special attention to immunotherapeutic strategies and target therapy. The group leader is Dr. Patrizio Giacomini MD. The group comprises four Research members at the post-doc level and a technician.
What we aim at:
in the context of an AIRC project, we will identify master regulators upstream to the antigen processing and presentation machinery of human cancer cells. These master transcription factors regulate the immunogenicity of all or most human tumors by coordinately regulating all or most antigen presentation genes. We also have active projects on recombinant antibody development for therapeutic purposes, and nanotechnology approaches for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
What you will do:
Taking advantage of a unique antigen presentation-null mutant developed by us, you will attempt reconstitution cloning by a reverse genetic approach.  You will construct a cDNA library, will infect the mutant cells, will rescue the WT phenotype, will identify the gene(s) responsible for complementation, and will characterize the underpinning network at the transcriptional level. 
Salary and timing:
Depending on career stage, previous achievements, and specific expertise the net salary will range from 1400 to 1800 € per month. Granting to support this unit of personnel is secured for 3 years. Position open for 12 months, renewable pending results. 
Please send CVs to: patrizio.giacomini@ifo.gov.it (+39 06 52662533)