IFO’s training offer for Resident Doctors and other Health Care Professionals

IFO is a  hospital which belongs to the group of IRCCS (Istituti Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico).  The characteristic of IRCCS is the close link between research and clinical care, i.e. their mission in translational research. IFO is the only Italian Hospital including two IRCCS, namely Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena (IRE) and Istituto Dermatologico San Gallicano (ISG). Both are mono-specialist hospital dedicated to oncological and dermatological care, respectively.

The mission of IRE is to achieve excellence in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through research in epidemiology, etiology, neoplastic transformation and progression and experimental therapies. The area of experimental research in IRE deals with the study of oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, gene therapy, biological drugs (also called ‘intelligent’), biological aspects related to tumor immunology and chemotherapy resistance phenomena.

The mission of ISG is to achieve excellence in the treatment of dermatological and venereological diseases by being a national reference center for the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological and sexually transmitted diseases.

The strength of both institutes is represented by the synergy and integration of the clinical and experimental areas. Working as a resident at IFOs will be an excellent opportunity for a young graduate to gain great experience not only as a clinician but also in research, to publish papers in outstanding international journals and to work in well equipped laboratories and to join research groups involved in highly competitive research. 

For a summary of the research activity conducted by IFO visit the following links:


Allergology and clinical immunology

Specialty: Dermatology, venereology
Tutor: Antonio Cristaudo
Specific learning areas at IFO:Allergology in adults and children, sexually transmitted diseases and tropical diseases.


Dermatology Venereology

Specialty: Clinical Dermatology
Tutor: Marco Ardigò
Specific learning areas at IFO: Therapy and clinical management of inflammatory skin diseases, with reference to psoarysis, chronic suppurative hidradenitis and acne, bullous diseases. Pediatric dermatology. Phototherapy and photobiology. Management and therapy of cutaneous lymphomas of the T and B series.


Specialty: Non-invasive diagnostics Dermatology
Tutor: Marco Ardigò
Specific learning areas at IFO: Advanced non-invasive diagnostics of the skin and mucous membranes using confocal microscopy, optical coherence tomography, capillaroscopy, telethermography, echo-articular.


Specialty: Oncological Dermatology
Tutor: Pasquale Frascione
Specific learning areas at IFO: DMT Melanoma and DMT NMSC. Diagnosis and NMSC therapy. Rare diseases, Multiple and familial melanoma and S.Gorlin Gotz. Dermoscopy and pigmented and non-pigmented lesions in adults and children.


Specialty: Dermatology
Tutor: Mauro Picardo
Specific learning areas at IFO: Pre-clinic cellular and molecular biochemical biology of the skin. Preclinical Pharmacology Setting and design of an experimental research project.


Dermatology Venereology / Anatomical Pathology

Specialty: Dermatopathology
Tutor: Carlo Cota
Specific learning areas at IFO:Training in diagnostic dermatopathology. Particular interest in melanoma, cutaneous lymphomas, adnexal tumors and inflammatory skin diseases. Clinico-pathological correlations of particular cases. Ancillary diagnostic training in direct immunofluorescence, molecular diagnostics and immunoperoxidase techniques.


General Surgery

Specialty: General hepatobiliopancreatic and colorectal surgery
Tutor: Gian Luca Grazi
Specific learning areas at IFO: Management of neoplastic pathologies of the liver, pancreas and biliary tract. Evaluation of the hepatic patient and hepatic insufficiency. Multidiscilplinar evaluation of patients with hepatoicarcinoma and liver metastases, with the design of personalized therapeutic pathways. Laparoscopic and robotic hepatic and colorectal surgery related activities. Clinical research on the surgeries performed. Personalized medicine.


Specialty: Breast Surgery
Tutor: Claudio Botti
Specific learning areas at IFO: Multidisciplinary treatments of breast cancer. Demolition and conservative surgery. Minimally invasive surgery. Advanced oncoplasty techniques. Locally advanced rescue surgery. Axillary dissection. Sentinel lymph node research. Participation in DMTs and surgical grand rounds. Locoregional surgery of metastatic melanoma.


Specialty: Abdominal and peritoneum surgery
Tutor: Mario Valle
Specific learning areas at IFO: Digestive system surgery with focus on the primary and secondary neoplasms of the peritoneum and retroperitoneal sarcomas, preferring the laparoscopic approach in digestive tract surgery when indicated.


Intensive care and pain Resuscitation anesthesia

Specialty: Intensive care and pain resuscitation anesthesia
Tutor: Ester Forastiere
Specific learning areas at IFO: C/O the Surgical Unit at IFO, an intense surgical activity takes place on a daily basis (approximately 5000 surgeries per year), in the following branches of Oncological Surgery: Breast and reconstructive Chir, NCH, ENT, Gynecology, Urology, Thoracic Surgery, Peritoneum Surgery, Chir EBP, Chir Dermatologica Oncologica, Surgery of Sarcomas, many of which performed with a minimally invasive, laparoscopic and robot-assisted technique. The robotic activity, 500 operations a year, is concentrated in Oncological Gynecology, Thoracic Surgery, Urology, ENT, and Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic surgery.
Intensive care at IFO manages the postoperative treatment of the most complex patients. It is among the best centers in Rome recognized for the treatment of septic shock. Pain therapy is turning towards invasive treatments in collaboration with interventional radiology, although our center is not a HUB.


Orthopedics and traumatology

Specialty: Oncological Orthopedics
Tutor: Roberto Biagini, Carmine Zoccali
Specific learning areas at IFO: Diagnosis and surgical therapy of patients with musculoskeletal neoplasms. Participation in specific DMTs, participation in multidisciplinary assessment activities.


Plastic Surgery

Specialty: Reconstructive and plastic surgery
Tutor: Roy De Vita
Specific learning areas at IFO: Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast and other areas, following tumor ablations. Preventive surgery in BRCA-positive women. Surgical and reconstructive counseling. Participation in specific DMTs.


Specialty: Dermatological and regenerative plastic surgery
Tutor: Emilia Migliano
Specific learning areas at IFO: Surgical treatment of patients with skin and mucosal neoplasms, functional and aesthetic reconstructions of the anatomical subunits, restoration after oncological surgery. Participation in translational research studies in melanoma, tissue regeneration, DMTs of melanoma and NonMelanoma skin cancer. Application of European guidelines in the treatment of skin and mucosal cancers. Center associated with Euracan in ERN for rare tumors.


Thoracic Surgery

Specialty: Thoracic Surgery
Tutor: Francesco Enrico Facciolo Melis
Specific learning areas at IFO: Open” and videothoracoscopic thoracic surgery. Robotic surgery of lung and thymus tumors. Surgery of locally advanced tumors of the lung and mediastinum and of lung tumors that invade the chest wall. Multimodal treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma. EBUS / EUS endoscopic biopsies for the typing and molecular characterization of pulmonary and mediastinal neoplasms. Active participation in surgical activity. Pre and post-operative activities in the hospital, outpatient activities. Participation of physicians in lung cancer DMT specialist training and other related working groups (translational research groups). Analysis of the results of liquid biopsy, NGS, other oncogenomic investigations.



Specialty: Urology
Tutor: Giuseppe Simone
Specific learning areas at IFO: Diagnosis and surgical therapy of patients with neoplasms of the urinary tract. Participation in specific DMTs, participation in multidisciplinary assessment activities. Participation in robotic, laparoscopic, open surgery and patient follow-up.



Specialty: ORL
Tutor: Roul Pellini
Specific learning areas at IFO: An opportunity is offered to participate in multidisciplinary meetings (DMT) and the integrated management of a very high volume of patients suffering from all types of Head and Neck oncological pathology. Highly complex technological surgeries are performed (robotic surgery), endoscopic surgery, LASER, and reconstructive surgery with revascularized flaps. During 2019, the UOC took part in the publication of about 20 scientific papers, in which doctors in specialist training can collaborate.


Gynecology and Obstetrics

Specialty: Oncological Gynecology
Tutor: Enrico Vizza
Specific learning areas at IFO: Diagnosis, medical and surgical management of female neoplasms (Ocaio, Utero, Vulva). Oncofertility. Menopause and quality of life in women with cancer. Prevention and treatment of pathologies of the lower genital tract. HPV.


Diseases of the digestive system

Specialty: Gastroenterology/Endoscopy
Tutor: Vittoria Stigliano
Specific learning areas at IFO: Diagnostic and operative digestive endoscopy in oncological pathologies. Participation in DMT for the gastrointestinal and NETs. Active participation in a clinic for rare diseases (S. di Lynch, FAP and S. di Peutz jehers), for rare tumors and for clinical nutrition in cancer patients. Translational research on such pathologies. EUS / EBUS echo-endoscopy in patients with mediastinal / lung, colon, pancreas neoplasms.


Endocrinology and metabolic disease

Specialty: Oncological Endocrinology
Tutor: Maria Luisa Appetecchia
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in Diseases Management Teams related to Neuroendocrine Tumors and Thyroid Carcinoma. Participation in research projects in the field of oncological endocrinology. Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and neuroendocrine neoplasms, endocrine toxicity from antineoplastic treatments and osteoporosis in cancer patients. Translational research.


Medical Oncology

Specialty: Medical Oncology 1
Tutor: Francesco Cognetti
Specific learning areas at IFO: UO in partnership with La Sapienza University.


Specialty: Medical Oncology 2
Tutor: Federico Cappuzzo
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in Diseases Management Teams. Participation in the activities of the molecular Tumor Board. Collaboration in the experimental division of the IFO (oncogenomics, Epigenetics, Immunology, NGS, MiRNA, liquid biopsy).



Specialty: Hematology
Tutor: Andrea Mengarelli
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in Diseases Management Teams related to Lymphomas, Acute and Chronic Leukemia, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Myeloma. Participation in cytogenetics and flow cytometry activities in hematology. Diagnosis and treatment of chronic myeloprolferative neoplasms, lymphoproliferative syndromes, plasma cell dyscrasias. Translational research on miRNAs.



Specialty: Neuro-oncology
Tutor: Andrea Pace
Specific learning areas at IFO: Treatment of patients with post-surgical brain tumors, supportive therapies, palliative care, home care. Participation in research studies on neurological toxicities and tumor epilepsy.


Cardiovascular disease

Specialty: Cardiology
Tutor: Francesco Rulli
Specific learning areas at IFO: Evaluation of the cardiovascular risk in cancer patients, evaluation of cardiotoxicity from chemotherapy drugs or radiotherapy. Participation in DMTs and research projects in the areas indicated above.


Respiratory system disease

Specialty: Pulmonology
Tutor: Maria Papale
Specific learning areas at IFO: Execution of lung function tests, evaluation and preparation of patients to undergo surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Respiratory rehabilitation before and after major surgery. Treatment of smoking. Diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases.



Specialty: Radiotherapy
Tutor: Giuseppe Sanguineti
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in DMT of various diseases (head-neck, breast, lung, gastrointestinal, genito-urinary, sarcomas, oncohematological, CNS, etc.). Active participation in the discussion of clinical cases of the ward, in research projects, study protocols and in the drafting of publications. Active participation in outpatient and clinical activities (visits, checks on patients under treatment and follow-up to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity related to integrated radiation and radio-chemotherapy treatments). Collaboration in the various stages of preparation of the patient’s treatment plan (CT simulation, definition of the target and organs at risk, discussion of the treatment plan with medical physicists). Participation in refresher meetings relating to ongoing clinical trials and literature.



Specialty: Radiodiagnostics
Tutor: Antonello Vidiri
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in Disease Management Teams with consequent possibility of a multidisciplinary approach to the disease. We have 3T MRI equipment for brain and body functional studies. Center of reference for the study of head and neck neoplasms. We have implemented studies with advanced diffusion and perfusion techniques for evaluation both in the diagnostic phase and after both conservative radio-chemotherapy and surgical treatments. Possibility of evaluation of prostatic neoplasms with the use of multiparameter technique on 3T. Center of reference for the study of bone and soft tissue sarcomas, with advanced morphological and functional imging. Oncological Interventional Radiology (Sirtex, radiofrequencies, embolizations etc ..). Studies of radiomics in particular in head and neck neoplasms.


Pathological anatomy

Specialty: Anatomia Patologica
Tutor: Edoardo Pescarmona
Specific learning areas at IFO: Histopathology, immunophenotypic profile, and oncogenomics of the main human neoplasms, with particular reference to rare neoplasms.


Transfusion medicine

Specialty: Transfusion medicine
Tutor: Maria Laura Foddai
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in multidisciplinary activities for the treatment of bullous diseases and cutaneous lymphomas. application of patient blood management in elective cancer surgery. Participation in the therapeutic activities of porphyrias.


Clinical and biochemical pathology

Specialty: Clinical pathology and oncological biobanks
Tutor: Laura Conti
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in activities of: Molecular Biology (Liquid Biopsy and Molecular Oncology Diagnostics); Flow cytometry; Cytogenetics; Evaluation of minimal residual disease in myeloma with consolidated bichimic markers (FLC-HC) and with high sensitivity methods (NGF); “Corelab with High Automation”; Biobanking in oncology; Thromboembolic risk assessment in cancer patient (participation in outpatient activities).


Microbiology and virology

Specialty: Microbiologia Virologia
Tutor: Fabrizio Ensoli
Specific learning areas at IFO: Management training: Architecture and organization of the laboratory for the certified conduct of clinical trials of phase I, I-II and I-III and observational studies. Structural, instrumental and management requirements, in compliance with the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certification criteria. Architecture, organization and management of nosocomial microbiological surveillance programs and good use of antimicrobials. Methods of analysis of the microbiome and microbial biofilm. Design and management of development and validation paths for new laboratory tests. Technical training: Immunological and microbiological diagnostics.


Hygiene and preventive medicine

Specialty: Direzione Sanitaria
Tutor: Branka Vujovic
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in the planning, monitoring and verification of activities. Participation in innovation projects and hospital management.


Health statistics and biometrics

Specialty: Epidemiology and cancer registry
Tutor: Valerio Ramazzotti
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in the assessment of the incidence of cancer in the Lazio Region, assessment of risk factors in the population, impact of prevention, use of nomenclators and systematization of current SDO data, specific descriptive statistical analyzes. Trained doctors can participate in epidemiological studies and in the evaluation of outcomes also through PREVALE and PNE data.



Specialty: Psico-oncology
Tutor: Patrizia Pugliese
Specific learning areas at IFO: Participation in counseling and psychological and psychotherapeutic treatment activities for patients, care-givers, personnel in the oncology field. Participation in specifically activated training courses.


Clinical pharmacology and toxicology

Specialty: Phase 1 clinical center/Pharmacy
Tutor: Lorenza Landi, Antonia La Malfa
Specific learning areas at IFO: Management of the risk assessment associated with the administration of IMP. Management of experimental drugs in the chain of custody for patient safety. Management of a phase 1 clinical center and integrations with the services involved and satellites. Document management of phase 1 trials.


Medical Physics/Health Physics

Specialty: Medical Physics
Tutor: Antonella Soriani
Specific learning areas at IFO: Quality Controls on Radiology, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine equipment. Treatment Plans for Radiotherapy. Patient dose estimates and evaluations. Implementation of dosimetry protocols. Participation in Clinical Studies.


Specialty: Medical Physics
Tutor: Vicente Bruzzaniti
Specific learning areas at IFO: Radiation protection for operators and patients. Implementation paths of the Legislative Decree 101/2020.


Specialty: Medical Physics
Tutor: Antonella Soriani
Specific learning areas at IFO: Special techniques in Radiotherapy, Intraoperative and Stereotaxic Radiotherapy, Hyperthermia. Participation in research projects.


Specialty: Medical Physics
Tutor: Giuseppe Iaccarino
Specific learning areas at IFO: Personalized dosimetry in the treatment of patients with Metabolic Radio Therapy. Participation in clinical trials of Nuclear Medicine.


Communication, press office and public relation

Specialty: Communication and journalism
Tutor: Lorella Salce
Specific learning areas at IFO: Collaborate with internal teams to edit and update promotional material and publications (brochures, videos, social media posts etc.)- Prepare and distribute high-quality press releases and press medical science articles.


Continuous education and professional development

Specialty: Transfer Learning for all professional
Tutor: Antonia Tramontana, Silvia Lolli
Specific learning areas at IFO: Training and educational Planning. Educational projects for health care professionals and internships. Competence maps and evalutation.


Organizational development

Specialty: Management applied
Tutor: Tiziana Lavalle
Specific learning areas at IFO: Organizzational desing, development planning, commissioning and performance evaluation.


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