IFO’s training offer for Resident Doctors and other Health Care Professionals

IFO is a hospital which belongs to the group of IRCCS (Istituti Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico). The characteristic of IRCCS is the close link between research and clinical care, i.e. their mission in translational research. IFO is the only Italian Hospital including two IRCCS, namely Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena (IRE) and Istituto Dermatologico San Gallicano (ISG). Both are mono-specialist hospital dedicated to oncological and dermatological care, respectively.

The mission of IRE is to achieve excellence in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through research in epidemiology, etiology, neoplastic transformation and progression and experimental therapies. The area of experimental research in IRE deals with the study of oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, gene therapy, biological drugs (also called ‘intelligent’), biological aspects related to tumor immunology and chemotherapy resistance phenomena.

The mission of ISG is to achieve excellence in the treatment of dermatological and venereological diseases by being a national reference center for the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological and sexually transmitted diseases.
The strength of both institutes is represented by the synergy and integration of the clinical and experimental areas. Working as a resident at IFOs will be an excellent opportunity for a young graduate to gain great experience not only as a clinician but also in research, to publish papers in outstanding international journals and to work in well equipped laboratories and to join research groups involved in highly competitive research. For a summary of the research activity conducted by IFO visit the following links

IFO’ training offer for Resident Doctors and other Health Care Professionals  

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